Welcome to Cellfixx, your partner in mobile, laptop and software repairs. We are one of the biggest repair shops in Vancouver, Canada offering complete hardware and software repair services.


 Brace yourself for a lightning fast repair and replacement services with Cellfixx. We are offering fastest repair times for all our services and we are committed to our cause. Now you don’t have to wait in long queue or book an appointment, you can simply visit our shop with our cell phones, laptops or desktops and expect the fastest repair time (our repair time start from mere 30minutes).


While you are dealing with Cellfixx, you can be sure of utmost reliability and persistence. We have procured some of the best human and technical resources to offer you the most reliable and highest standard services in Vancouver, Canada.
All our repair technicians are not only certified, but also highly experienced and rigorously trained in all aspects. We also have maintained a massive inventory of genuine repair parts, so you can be sure of getting full worth of your money. Simply visit our shop and have get yourself awed with our commitment and passion for repairs.


 One of the most important aspect for any hardware and software repair is its affordability. Most people are ignorant of the fact that they can save hundreds of dollars with a reliable and affordable repair service.
At Cellfixx, we offer our customers with the most affordable and market competitive prices for all our services. We guarantee you the best deal in town!


 We all love our computers but they can be seriously tricky to handle. Today’s computers are a complex combination of advanced and intrigued technology that isn’t much user friendly (especially when it comes to software). Most of you have been through the tiresome and frustrating experience of installing operating systems on to your computers – isn’t it too troublesome?
Whether you computer gets slow down with time or it’s hit by a suspicious virus, we all need some professional help when it comes to software handling.
Now Cellfixx is offering its expert and reliable software repair services across Vancouver, Canada. Our trained technicians are well equipped to handle all your software repair concerns in no time. We offer complete guarantee for all our software repair services and promise to not rob your account.
Our diverse range of software repair services keep you at par with your lifestyle. No matter what the problem is, we can get it resolved in no time. Simply visit our shop any time and get your computer software repaired with certified software technicians now!


Your computer’s performance can be lowered for number of reason. It might be due to operating system, malwares or viruses. If you don’t really know what’s wrong with your computer, simply bring it to us.
Our expert technicians can identify and diagnose the problem that’s causing the wear-down of your computer. We will also offer a quick fix for any software repair needed. All our software repairs are covered under warranty and we are charging you the most nominal pricing.
So, visit our shop now and get your computer free diagnoses!


Viruses are one of the prime suspects for all software malfunctioning. Once your computer is hit with a suspicious virus, you aren’t just prone to lose your important data but also you can be a victim of spy activity and internet fraud.
Our experts are highly competent to get blast off all viruses to void in no time and return your computer’s sanity back. Visit our shop now and save yourself from internet fraud and lock down.


Often times your computer need a quick optimization to restore its full performance. If you feel like your computer isn’t performing to its full potential you might need a quick software optimization. Bring in your computer to our experts and we will restore its full potential in no time.