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Do you have an IPod that needs fixing? Cellfixx has a wealth of experience in fixing and replacing any damaged or broken parts including battery replacement and LCD screens. Call or visit our Richmond, Vancouver or Coquitlam locactions.

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IPod Screen LCD Repair

Broken iPod LCD surely gives you goose bumps. Now you can have your iPod LCD repair in no time. Cellfixx is offering you the fastest route to repair or replace your iPod LCD with guaranteed use of original OEM parts. Being one of the most trusted cell phone repair shops in Vancouver, Canada, we are excited to offer warranties iPod screen and LCD repair and replacement services. You’ll be getting 180 days of complete warranty and if anything happens to our repairs, we’re going to give you free repair! Bring your broken or shattered iPod Screen LCD and let our experts do wonders for you!

IPod Volume Repair / Replacement

Get your iPod volume button repaired and replaced in no time. You might need this repair if your iPod volume button isn’t functioning properly Cellfixx offer warranties repairs and replacement of iPod volume button with guaranteed use of original OEM parts. All repairs are replacement are performed by our highly skilled and experienced technicians, so you can be sure of superior quality. We have the fastest response time and promise not to break your bank either. Call our customer representative today and get your free quotation.

IPod Charging Port

Charging Port for iPod can be damaged in number of ways. If you’re not able to charge your IPod properly or not at all, you probably need a quick fix. Cellfixx offer the fastest and most persistent iPod charging port repair and replacement services to its customers. All our repairs and replacement are covered under 180 days warranty and we guarantee the use of original OEM parts only. Visit our shop toady and get your iPod charging port repaired or replaced in no time.

IPod Battery Replacement

If your iPod battery isn’t giving you adequate up time, then probably you need a quick battery replacement. Improper charging practices, excessive charging tends to ware down battery life. Cellfixx is offering fastest IPod battery repair and replacement services. We have the largest inventory of genuine iPod batteries, so you can expect a fast and hassle-free service from us. Our expert technicians have years of experience to offer you the safest and sound battery replacement services in Vancouver, Canada.

IPod Front Camera Repair

IPod front camera repairs and replacement in no time. We are one of the most reliable and consistent iPod camera repair shops in Vancouver, Canada. Our specifically skilled and trained technicians are well versed with fixing iPod front camera in no time. We use the latest technology and original OEM parts for all our repairs and replacements. Call our customer representatives today and get the best iPod repair services in Vancouver, Canada.

IPod Back Camera Repair

IPod back camera can malfunction for number of reasons. A shutter malfunction or damaged lens can result in blurry or distorted images. Want a quick iPod back camera fix?? Visit our shop today and we will get your camera fixed in no time. All repairs and replacement jobs are performed under strictly safe and controlled environment by our experienced technicians. We are offering complete 180 days of warranty on all our jobs. Visit our shop today or call our customer representative and get your free quotation now!

IPod Water Damage

Water has been the single most threat to all electronic devices. Even the slightest of water spill over your iPod can result in multiple components malfunctioning. Now, Cellfixx is offering its prestigious customers with the best in town water damage repairs and replacements for IPod.
We are also offering free diagnosis for all water damages. So, bring your water damaged IPod to our shop and get it fixed in no time!


Cellfixx is one of the most reliable and persistent name for iPod, cell phone and Mac Book repairs and replacement services in Vancouver, Canada. We are offering complete repair and replacement service for all iPod makes and models.

At Cellfixx we have secured services of highly experienced and certified technicians to offer you reliable and replacement and repair service every time. All our jobs are performed under strict supervision using contemporary equipment. We are also offering complete 180 days warranty for all iPod repairs and replacement in Vancouver, Canada.

Worried about hassle of getting your damaged iPod fixed?

Need a quick and reliable iPod repair service?
Well, we are one of the fastest and consistent iPod repair shops in Vancouver, Canada.

Not only we have the fastest response time, but we are also offering same day repair and replacement services for iPod repairs. So, while you enjoy a cup of coffee around the shop, our technician can fix your iPod within no time. iPod repair time starts as low as 30 minutes – yes 30 minutes repair service for iPods!

Filling online forms or booking an appointment for iPod repairs can be frustrating. At Cellfixx, we welcome you to walk with your iPod and get it fixes in no time! No hassle and no fuss involved.

Simply walk into our shop with your damaged iPod and we will give you a free quotation and repair time. If you agree we will fix it on the spot (some major repairs might need up to 3 working days). So, avoid all hassle and get your iPod repaired with Cellfixx.

Repairs we perform for iPods:

We are offering complete repair and replacement services for all makes and models of iPod. We have one of the largest and genuine repair parts inventories to ensure high quality, reliable and fast repair services. Some of the more frequently performed repairs and replacement services for iPods include:

Volume Button Repair / Replacement

iPods are known for their superior and booming sounds. Any damage to its volume button can leave you is disarray of adjusting the volume. At Cellfixx, we have the right tools and expertise to repair or replace your iPod volume buttons in no time. Get your iPod volume button fixed same day only with Cellfixx.

Screen LCD Repair / Replacement

iPod screens are delicate component of your favorite gadget and can be broken or damaged for various reason. If you have damaged or shattered your iPod screed LCD then walk into our shop and we will fix it in no time. We have genuine OEM parts for all iPod screen repairs and replacement and give warranted repairs in Vancouver, Canada.

Battery Replacement

Is your iPod battery draining too quickly?
We have the complete inventory of original and guaranteed iPod batteries for all makes and models. Bring your iPod to us and we will replace your battery in no time. All iPod battery repairs, and replacement comes with 180 days warranty.

Water Damage Repair / Replacement

This is one of the most common repairs that we perform for iPods. Water spill can leave multiple components of your iPod malfunctioned. At Cellfixx, we are offering free diagnosis and quotation for water damage. Bring your water damaged iPod to us and get the fastest repair service in Vancouver, Canada.