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iPhone Screen repairs – Frequently Asked Questions for Screen Repair Services!

iPhone is a perfect combination of beauty and the beast. iPhone is definitely one of the most loved and adored cell phone in the world, thanks to its exotic beauty and powerful specifications. It has certainly evolved our world in a way that we can’t even think of leaving a single day without it.

Though it’s a robust and powerful cell phone, but like all other sophisticated electronic gadgets, it can break in one or the other way. One of the most frequently occurring breakages to iPhone is screen shattering or breakage. Even after incorporating all possible robust material, iPhone screen is certainly one of the most delicate and vulnerable part of the cell phone, which is easily exposed to damage or break for number of reasons.

Why isn’t iPhone screen shatter resistant?

Well, there’s no way (at least as per the technology available in market at the moment) one can design a totally shatter proof screen. iPhone comes with durable and resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, which is one of the most used shatter resistant glass covers in market. However, even these shatter proof and powerful glasses can’t withhold a powerful force of smash or drop-off. Recently, Corning has launched its latest Gorilla Glass 5, which according to company can withstand the falling force from a humans shoulder height; but again there’s no way you can protect your iPhone screen against any powerful smashes.

So, what’re my options with a broken iPhone screen?

Apple’s official warranty doesn’t cover any sort of damage or break incurred at customers’ side. Therefore, with a broken / shattered screen you can’t claim your warranty. Now you got two possibilities to get your iPhone screen repaired. First you can either choose Apple’s official repair shop to get your screen fixed (this will be paid work) or you can choose some third party cell phone repair shops to get the job done for you.

If you decide to go with Apple’s official repair center, you will need to pay some hefty amounts for the repair as they charge phenomenally more than most third party repair centers. Moreover, you will also need to book an appointment and wait for the repair (this is truly frustrating). Alternatively, if you decide to go with a third party iPhone repair shop, this will be an economical and time saving decision. Many cell phone repair companies like Cellfixx, is offering amazingly flat and affordable rates for iPhone screen repairs. What’s even more thrilling is that companies like Cellfixx is offering same day repair and replacement services for most iPhone screen repair jobs.

But what if I just continue using my iPhone with shattered screen?

Well, you might not have any sort of difficulty using your broken screen iPhone (apart from bad aesthetics though). However, most of the time symptoms take time to show the real damage. A continuous use of broken screen can further exaggerate the problem, and slowly but surely your screen will stop responding until it becomes totally useless. So, better get it repaired with a professional third party cell phone repair shop then to make it totally useless.

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