IPhone 5 smartphone faults

IPhone 5 – A Massively Popular Smartphone with Heaps of Faults

iPhone 5 till now is the bestselling smartphone for APPLE. Perhaps it is still the most used smartphone in many Middle-Eastern and African countries – earning big revenues for the company.

Though a massive hit, iPhone 5 users have been dealing with numerous software and hardware manufacturing faults and many of them haven’t been resolved yet. Perhaps the biggest of all iPhone 5 manufacturing fault was the software bugging concerns associated with iOS 9. Keeping in view the bugging issues with iOS 9.0, APPLE does release a software update iOS 9.3.1, for which according to company’s claims many software bugs have been fixed. However, the users have been in total disarray with continued software bugging and other iPhone 5 faults. Here, we are going to discuss some of the more frequently experienced faults for iPhone 5 with their possible fixes. Though this might not work entirely but might save you in a rainy day still.

iPhone 5 Battery Fault

Serious battery woes have been reported by numerous iPhone 5 users, especially once they updated iOS 9.0. However, it is important to know that iOS 9 alone can’t be blamed for battery draining problem and that many 3rd party applications can be equally guilty for the same.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to remove any third party applications that are not frequently used or never used. Moreover, you can know the battery consumption by each app by checking in your iPhone 5 settings.

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iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Fault

This has been more or less a persistent issue with iOS. Wi-Fi signal dropping is one of the most pressing concerns for all iPhone models and unfortunately APPLE hasn’t yet been able to resolve the issue comprehensively.

Some of the most frequent Wi-Fi related complaints from iPhone 5 users include gray Wi-Fi, unstable connections etc. Even after the iOS update, these issues tends to persist. Rather unfortunately there isn’t any reliable repair for this concern and this iterative issue can just be pressed down for the time being.

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IPhone 5 Bluetooth Fault

This is yet another irritating and iterative issue persistent for all iPhone models. iPhone 5 is no exception for Bluetooth faults. There have been a far cry from iPhone 5 users, anxious to get their Bluetooth fault fixed. Sadly, there haven’t been any update from APPLE on this issue and we aren’t seen one in future.

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Overall, iPhone 5 users have been dealing with quite a lot faults yet the sheer passion and love for the device is commendable. Unfortunately there aren’t any easy DIY repairs for the persistent iPhone 5 faults, however, Cellfixx guarantee their customers with the best and fastest iPhone 5 fault repairs at lowest pricing.