iPad Mini 2 Repair

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  • Lifetime Warranty on all iPad Mini 2 Repairs
  • Most Repairs Can be done within an hour
  • We Only Use OEM Parts
  • No Fix, No Fee
iPad Mini 2 Repair

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iPad Mini 2 Repair

Lifetime Warranty on All iPad Mini 2 Repair.

iPad Mini 2
Screen Repair

if your iPad Mini 2 is cracked or broken, Cellfixx can repair or replace your screen in most cases while you wait.

We have Certified iPad technicians in-store ready to replace your screen.

iPad Mini 2
Battery Replacement

If you’re finding that you need to keep plugging in your iPad Mini 2 , even though you haven’t used it very long, it’s likely that you need your battery replaced. Cellfixx can quickly replace the battery in your iPad Mini 2 , in most cases while you wait.

iPad Mini 2
Software Issues

The screen might be freezing, or you may experience issues starting / restarting up your tablet. This may be a result of software issues and may need a reset.

Cellfixx can help you get your iPad Mini 2 back up and running smoothly again.

iPad Mini 2
Charging Port Repair

iPad Charging ports can stop working for a variety of reasons including an internal loose wire. Cellfixx can fix or replace the charging port on your iPad Mini 2 in most cases while you wait.

If you’re experiencing issues with your iPad Mini 2 charging port, please give us a call or visit one of our stores.

iPad Mini 2
Camera Repair

The camera on your iPad Mini 2 can become damaged and in need of repair. You may experience blurry images, or lower than normal quality photos. You may not even notice any physical damage.

If you feel that your iPad Mini 2 camera may not be working properly, have one of our certified technicians take a look.

iPad Mini 2
Water Damage

Cellfixx can repair your iPad Mini 2 from water damage or as a result of any other liquid spilled on it. There’s no charge if we can’t fix it.

We perform a full internal inspection of your iPad Mini 2 , and include data recovery.

Wait times are not guaranteed as repair times depend on the level of corrosion.

iPad Mini 2
Data Recovery

Got a new tablet? We can help you transfer your data from your iPad Mini 2 to another tablet.

If you’re having trouble accessing your data, we may be able to recover it for you. Contact us for further details.

iPad Mini 2
Other Repairs

Cellfixx can also repair any other issues your having with your iPad Mini 2 . Including:

  • Internal speakers
  • Power & volume buttons
  • The microphone and charging port

We can also do multiple repairs on your iPad Mini 2 so your iPad is like new again.

15+ Years of Tablet Repairs

Cellfixx has been in business for over 15 years repairing everything from cell tablets to phones, computers, DSLR cameras, and more.

At Cellfixx, we remain dedicated to offering the most transparent tablet repair pricing in town. We have the most competitive market pricing for all our services and offer free diagnosis and quotes.

We are so confident in our expertise that we are offering No Fix, No Fee! Now you don’t have to pay even a penny for services that you haven’t received. In an unlikely case where our highly trained and expert technicians can’t fix your tablet, we won’t charge you a single penny.

Device Repair Financing
Device Repair Financing

Frequently Asked Questions


Cellfixx offers a lifetime warranty on all its repairs and replacement jobs for all devices including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, etc. it is requested to keep your repair receipt save as you will need to present it at the time of warranty claim. No claim will be entertained without the original repair receipt. Our warranty covers only those repaired or replaced parts for which we have performed any service, no other cell phone parts can be claimed within this warranty.

Any work carried out under a legit warranty claim will be completed free of charge, however, you are responsible to bring your device to our store and we don’t offer any pickup or drop-off for warranty claims. In any case, where the device has been opened or repaired by a third-party mobile repair shop other than Cellfixx or an individual, our warranty will stand null and void. Moreover, our warranty doesn’t cover any accidental damage at users’ part including water spill, drop-off, smash, or misuse. All warranty claims have to be get approved by one of cellfixx employees to be deem as legit.


All cell tablet repairs will be completed at our location and within the agreed time frame between our technicians and client. In any case, where the repair time exceeds the decided time, the client will be informed firsthand.


You can arrange to mail in your broken tablet, and we’ll send it back to you as soon as it’s repaired.


Typically tablet batteries have a life of 2 years and it lasts between 300 to 500 charges. In order to take full advantage of your tablet, it’s best to replace the battery after this much time has passed.


We offer a free diagnosis on tablets and phones


It is advised to backup all your device’s data before getting it repaired through Cellfixx. You are requested to get your iPad data backup through iTunes or Android data backup through your preferred means. No claim for lost or corrupt data during or after tablet repair will be entertained by Cellfixx.

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