Huawei P10 Repair


Have you found a reliable phone repair shop to fix your damaged Huawei P10 at an affordable price? If not, come to Cell Fix. Our technicians will not only fix your phone at an affordable price, but they’ll also hook you up with genuine Huawei parts that will make your phone look and act brand new again.

Here are the services we offer.


Screen Repair


Does your Huawei P10 have a cracked, unresponsive or blank screen? Or it’s probably showing spots or lines on the display? Whichever of these problems it may have, our technicians will remove the damaged screen and install a new Huawei screen with our specialized equipment and acrylic seals. With your consent, we’ll also install a CLEARPLEX screen to prevent screen destruction from future falls and drops.


Charging/USB Port


Come to cell Fix phone repair shop and let our technicians check and fix your faulty charging port for you. We do cleaning and rejuvenation to help clean up the dust and debris accumulated inside the ports. We also do charging/USB port repair services for ports that are defective or damaged. If you need a quick charging/USB port repair service, call us and book your repair today.


Battery Replacement


You should get to enjoy at least 12 full hours of battery usage time on a daily basis. If your battery isn’t holding a charge to this capacity, you should highly consider getting a new battery from our repair shops. We sell new Huawei P10 batteries that come backed with a 1-year warranty. We’ll install the new battery and then do a Huawei performance test to ensure that it works as per the original manufacturer specifications. If you’ve got a dead battery or one that’s heading in that direction, come and get it replaced today at an affordable price.




Does your camera display look blurry when you take pictures? If so, it might need some quick fixing. Our technicians can replace the front and rear camera and get it functioning properly again. At Cell Fix, this takes less than 24 hours and costs a lot cheaper than you think.


Software Services/Unlocking


With our software services, your phone will no longer freeze or get stuck on the reboot page. Our tech gurus will work on it until its working normal again. If you need other software services like phone unlocking, software updating or just need help to get through the troublesome start-up issues, call us and we’ll get right to work.


Personal Data Backup/Transfer


At Cell Fix, we can help you ensure that your data is safe at all times by moving/backing up all of your data for a small fee. We can also advise you on the home-based backup solutions to use. This way you don’t feel stressed before you go for repair service or sell off your phone to someone else. Call us and we’ll let you know about these solutions for free.


Liquid Damage Recovery


If the rice trick fails to temporarily salvage your phone, bring it to our technicians and they’ll handle it from there. We have an internal inspection service, which we do for a small fee. Also, we’ve got a water damage recovery service for phones that prove to be repairable.


Other/Multiple Repairs


Do you have a repair issue that we’ve not mentioned in our list? Bring your phone to us and we’ll do a free diagnostic and provide a repair quote. Or also, you could call our technicians and book for your repair service today.