Huawei Nexus 6P Repair


Cellfix is the biggest Huawei Nexus 6P repair brand in Vancouver, Coquitlam, and Richmond. We offer affordable, timely, and value-packed repair services on all of this model’s components. This can be anything from the battery to the loudspeaker, headphone jack, charging/USB port, etc. The best part is that all our repairs get done by specially trained technicians who are well-versed with dealing with all kinds of Nexus 6P issues. What’s more, we only use new, original and certified repair parts from Huawei.

Here are some of the services we offer:


Screen Repair


When we say that we can fix every Nexus 6P screen problem, we mean it. So whether you’re dealing with a cracked, shattered, or chipped screen, a damaged touchpad, damaged LCD/OLED panel, bring in your phone for the quickest repair you can find. We use specialized technology as well as high-performance acrylic seals to install new screens. As such, you can expect your phone to function like it’s new again.


Charging/USB ports


Not only do we offer timely charging board replacement services, but we also provide a chemical cleaning/rejuvenation package to fix USB ports that aren’t physically damaged. As you may know, the USB/charging ports is one of the most frequently used Nexus 69 components. This makes it quite prone to physical damages. Additionally, ports tend to get oxidized and contaminated over time, which lead to lost and intermittent connections with the charger. Book your port repair service today.


Battery Replacement


Is your phone’s battery powering down abruptly? Is it experiencing any other kind of erratic behaviours? It’s important to note that most Huawei batteries operate optimally for only about 500 full charge cycles. After this threshold, you’ll notice a serious decline in their performance. If you suspect that your battery has a problem, visit one of our shops for a free battery health check as well as the subsequent repair (if necessary).




If your phone isn’t taking any pictures, the camera can’t focus properly, or the shots are bad, you’re dealing with a faulty camera. In as much as is highly unlikely that your Nexus 69 cameras will fail mechanically, these components can suffer from shocks, logic board issues, and even

liquid damage. We can quickly replace any faulty component with a new and original one from Huawei. Book your repair now.


Software Services/Unlocking


Our specially trained experts can resolve virtually all kinds of Nexus 69 software problems. This can be anything from locked phones to outdated software, Google lock, carrier lock, start-up issues, etc. Mind you, it will take us less than two hours to complete the job.


Personal Data Transfer/Backup


Have you been wondering where all your data will go when you replace your phone? Guess what? All those photos, documents, music files, videos, contacts, etc. don’t have to go anywhere. Cellfix can help you retrieve, secure, and transfer over 16GB worth of data.


Liquid Damage Recovery


Have you accidentally soaked your phone? Don’t worry, accidents happen. That’s why we are always ready to help. Our liquid damage recovery has an 80-90% successful recovery rate. This is in terms of all the wet phones we’ve handled in our labs. In other words, we are your best bet when it comes to resuscitating a liquid damaged Huawei Nexus 6P phone. Book your recovery service today.


Other/Multiple Repairs


On top of the services mentioned above, we also offer repair packages for components like the power button, vibrator, ear speaker, proximity sensor, sim card reader, and many others. And there’s nothing we can’t do to complete a successful repair session. Even if it means undertaking multiple repair services at once. Visit one of our shops for a free diagnosis and repair estimate.