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Welcome to cellfixx, your one stop solution for all cell phone repair in Vancouver, Canada. We are one the most reliable repair service provider in town with thousands of satisfied clients.

We Repair

HTC One M10, HTC One M9, HTC One M8, HTC One M7, HTC One A9

htc lcd front assembly repair repalacement vancouver

HTC lcd front assembly repair / Replacement Vancouver and Coquitlam

Replace your broken / damaged HTC LCD with genuine and warrantied new one with Cellfixx. Our massive inventory of authentic OEM parts got all HTC model LCDs and front assemblies covered. We are offering the fastest service time and warrantied repair for all HTC model LCDs and front assembly repair / replacement services. All jobs are performed by our handpicked expert and trained technicians to ensure superior quality and service standards. Call our customer representative today and book your next appointment now!

HTC Repair Prices

htc charging port repair replacement vancouver

HTC Charging Port Repair / Replacement Vancouver and Coquitlam

Charging ports are often damaged due to improper use or drop. Get same day charging port repair
and replacement for HTC cell phone charging ports with Cellfixx. We only use genuine OEM parts
for all our services and all replacements and repairs are covered under 180 days warranty.

HTC Repair Prices

htc battery repair replacement vancouver

HTC Battery Replacement Vancouver and Coquitlam

HTC cell phone batteries should last for 12 hours provided they are fully charges. However, batteries tend to wear away with time. Batteries for HTC cell phone can also be damaged if they come in contact with water. We have complete inventor of genuine HTC cell phone batteries for all models. Simply visit our shop today and get same day HTC cell phone battery replacement.

HTC Repair Prices

htc front camera repair repalacement vancouver

HTC Front Camera Repair / Replacement Vancouver and Coquitlam

Want to take great selfies? Get your HTC cell phone front camera repair and replacement service from one of the most trusted and persistent repair shops in Canada. We have the most competitive pricing and extends a full 180 days warranty for all repairs and replacement services.

HTC Repair Prices

htc back camera repair replacement vancouver

HTC Back Camera Repair / Replacement Vancouver and Coquitlam

HTC cell phone camera lenses can be damaged for number of reasons. If your HTC cell phone back camera isn’t taking great pictures, it might need a quick Cellfixx. Get your HTC camera to our experts and we will fix it in no time. All repairs are made with original OEM parts and comes with 180 days warranty. And, the great thing is that you won’t be paying a ton for our fix!

HTC Repair Prices

htc ear piece repair repalacement vancouver

HTC ear piece Repair / Replacement Vancouver and Coquitlam

Get the reliable and trusted HTC earpiece repair service with Cellfixx today! We have complete inventory or genuine parts for all HTC models and offer complete warranty for all repairs and replacement services. Call us today of visit our shop for a free quotation.

HTC Repair Prices

htc loud speaker repair repalacement vancouver

HTC Loud speaker Repair / Replacement Vancouver and Coquitlam

If your HTC Loud speakers aren’t performing well, give them the Cellfixx dose! Quick, fast and
affordable repair and replacement services with complete warranty! So, tune into your favorite
music and let the party rock!

HTC Repair Prices

htc sim card reader repair replacement-vancouver

HTC sim card reader Repair / Replacement Vancouver and Coquitlam

Facing signal issues? Perhaps you need a sim card reader repair / replacement. Cellfixx offer
you a fast and reliable fix for all signal issues with complete service of sim card reader. We
are affordable and extends a complete 180 days warranty for all our services.

HTC Repair Prices

We are fast

Cellfixx offer the fastest and blistering cell phone repair services in Vancouver, Canada. We have been at this for a long time and know how to manage fixes instantly. What really make us fast is that we already have a highly motivated and experienced staff with in-depth knowledge of all repairs. Furthermore, we have a complete assortment for all replacement / repair items from all brands including HTC, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Blackberry etc. This means that we don’t have to look anywhere and have everything accessed from the shelf.

Get your cell phone repaired from 15 minutes

Usually we take 3 working days to perform any major repair / replacement fixes and always complete the job within given time frame!

Value for money

You won’t find many better repair services than Cellfixx – that’s our guarantee! We are a customer oriented company dedicated to offer highest service standards and complete value for money in every repair. So, you can expect the most affordable and market competitive pricing when you repair with us. To ensure highest quality standards we have deployed strict repair regulations and protocols, to as to ensure our customers get the services they deserve.

When you repair with us, you only pay for the repairs we perform. No fixes, no Fee!

We offer absolutely free diagnosis for broken / damaged cell phones with free quotations for repair. Visit us today for complete inspection of your broken cell phone.

Security protection

We comply with highest standards of privacy and security protection. All your private, personal and official data in cell phone is utterly protected from loss and leak. Our team of technicians are especially trained to ensure absolute protection for customer’s data at all level.
We also offer data recovery services for malfunctioned cell phones. Our dedicated data recovery technicians can restore all your preciously personal and official data even from a burnt or water damaged phone.

HTC Cell Phone repair in Vancouver

We perform complete repair and replacement of HTC cell phones in Vancouver, Canada. We have complete assortment of original OEM repair and replacement products for HTC cell phone repair / replacement services.

Some of the repairs that we frequently perform for HTC cell phone include:

HTC cell phone water damage repairs

Water damage is one of the most frequently performed fixes. Generally there can be multiple fixes required due to water damage.

Some of the water damage fixes we do include:

  • Display replacement / repair for water damage
  • Earpiece repair / replacement for water damage
  • Speaker repair / replacement for water damage
  • Display repair and replacement for water damage

HTC Cell phone battery repair replacement

  • Generally, batteries for all cell phones do wear out and weaken with time
  • If your cell phone battery isn’t holding charge then probably you need a battery replacement or repair
  • We have Original batteries for HTC cell phone repair / replacement services
  • Generally we can fix batteries instantly, however, occasionally we might need up to 3 working days

HTC Cell phone repair services

We offer complete repair and replacement services for all damaged / broken HTC cell phone.
We have complete collection of genuine HTC OEM parts – enabling us to offer best HTC
cell phone repair services in Vancouver, Canada.

Some of the repair / replacement we offer for HTC cell phone include:

  • HTC repair / replacement of broken Glass Screen and Display
  • HTC repair and replacement of earpiece
  • HTC repair and replacement of battery
  • HTC repair and replacement of mouthpiece
  • HTC repair and replacement of back cover
  • HTC repair of malfunctioned camera
  • Free diagnosis of water damage