mobile phone cleaning

How to safely clean your cell phone while you are on a DIY quest!

Imagine what you will do if you have to live a single day without your cell phone? Cell phones have quickly become a necessary part of our lives. Today, cell phone aren’t just used for calls or messages, rather they are focal center for all our social and personal lives. Unfortunately, cell phone are fragile devices that can be broken or damaged quite easily.

Today cell phones are sophisticated electronic gadgets that needs extensive care to function properly. Dropping-off, smashing, spilling water are just few incidents that can leave cell phone totally useless (unless you got services from a professional cell phone repair technician). So, while cell phones help you to stay in touch with your friends, family and loved ones, you should be considerate enough to take good adequate care of your cell phones.

Keeping your cell phones clean is one important aspect when it comes to cell phone maintenance. Even though cell phones are made to withstand dust and water splashes, you can’t just keep using them in such conditions for work. In any case of misuse or neglect, you will require specialize cell phone repair technician (provided your cell phone parts aren’t responding).

Now if you have broken / damaged your cell phone, you can either turn to a professional cell phone repair technician (highly recommended) or alternately you can try some DIY techniques to get your cell phone repaired. DIY techniques are not always recommended, especially if you aren’t well versed in dealing with electronics components. This is because, during your DIY quest as an amateur you can actually exacerbate the problem instead of solving it. Nonetheless, here are some simple and effective tips that can help you out in your DIY cell phone repair quest.

Steps for cell phone cleaning

  • Avoid use of any liquid (commercially available liquids for cell phone cleaning are also included here) for cell phone cleaning purpose. Liquids including commercially available liquids can exacerbate the damage. So, while you are at DIY quest, make sure you don’t have any liquid around your workspace.
  • Before any cleaning job make sure you have powered off your cell phone. In fact, the best practice is to turn-off your cell phone and remove battery (if it’s a removable battery) before opening your cell phone for cleaning purpose. You can use dry rice or silica gel if you accidentally spills liquids over your cell phone (though this isn’t recommended by professionals and may not produce desired result). Nonetheless, you never know if it can really do the job for you.
  • There are special microfiber cloth available in market for cell phone cleaning purpose. So, never go for ordinary home cloth while dealing with electronic components of your cell phone. These are specially made cleaning cloth for cell phones and other electronic components and are easily available in market.
  • Hairdryer isn’t the solution for cell phone cleaning or drying purpose. In fact, this can have adverse effect on its functioning – leaving it potentially useless due to excess temperature.