cell phone repair store myths

Debunking the Myths – Third Party Cell Phone Repair Shops

Cell phones comprise of delicate electronic components which are vulnerable to damage / breakage. We all love our phones and try our best to make sure they stay damage free. However, no matter how much hard we try, all of us has gone through the pain of damaging our cell phones at least once in our lives (the number may be even more for many users).

So, basically when dealing with cell phones the question is how to get broken cell phone repaired? For this, most people will simply point their fingers towards a company authenticated cell phone repair shop. Though these company authenticated cell phone repair shops are a viable option for all sorts of repairing, the problem with them is that they aren’t always the most feasible solution. These company authenticated repair shops charge heavily and you have to get into lot of fuss and hassle before getting your cell phone repaired from them.


Well, the simple, efficient and affordable solution to cell phone repair are third party repair shops.

Yes, we have listened to all myths prohibiting such third party repair shops, but as the fact of the matter, most of such myths are baseless and here we are going to bust few such myths:

Only certified technicians can repair cell phone

To be very honest, there isn’t any particular certification required to operate a cell phone repair shop. In fact, there aren’t any government institutions offering certification in cell phone repairing. Only private institutes offer certificate programs in cell phone repairing. So, basically there is no holding back for self-made technicians with years of experience when it comes to cell phone repairing in Vancouver, Canada.

Technicians working in third party cell phone repair shops have years of practical hands-on experience in dealing with all sorts of damaged / broken cell phones and they have all technical and mechanical resources to perform any task effectively. Yes, we admit there are some technicians who really need to attend some cell phone repair course and you need to ensure that you are dealing with an experienced and skilled technician while dealing with third party cell phone repair shop.

Getting cell phone repair from a third party will void my company warranty

Well, a broken screen will void your official warranty anyway. Company warranty doesn’t coved damages incurred on users’ side and only cover manufacturing faults. Even if you decide to go to service provider, he will simply persuade you to buy a new device (which is why they are sitting there). On the other hands, a third party repair shop will do all that’s possible to get your cell phone fixed and remember, cell phone repairing can save you up to 70% cost of the new device.

Cell phone repair will cost me fortunes

This is one of the most absurd myth regarding third party cell phone repair shops. You got to believe when we say that such repair shops can actually save you fortunes when compared to price of your device and repairing cost that a company authenticated shop will charge from you. Since there are hundreds of cell phone repair shops in market, you can bet on the competition for a lower price.