iPhone Repair

CellFixx is a iPhone repair shop located at Vancouver and Coquitlam Canada that has fixed more than 500 devices and counting. We fix your iPhone, iPad cellphone / mobile, laptops and others. We identify your device’s problem and tell you the best possible solution without compromising on quality. Usually we fix it right on the spot in the comfort of your convenience, in case the problem is major we give you the time and date. CellFixx, mobile repair service mostly fixes popular devices of Apple. Our expert and professional technicians replace iPhone and iPad cracked screens, home, power, volume buttons, speaker, mic, front or back camera, headphone jack and even replace your batteries. For any other devices issue you can still contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you as well if not we will tell you so.

Has Your iPhone Malfunctioned?

Are you looking to replace your iPhone with a new one?

Do You Know That iphone Repair Can Save You Up To 75% Of The Cost For The New Phone!

All of us know that a new iphone model is always costly than previous one and if the older one has some chances that can it could be repaired so One could give it a try.It depends on a condition of phone whether it repair is fair enough or not, so a normal person cannot testify the internal problems but professional technicians can

If your cellphone is in trouble due to accidental damage or what ever reasons .These damages will be covered under the supervision of our qualified Technician.We’ll examine your iPhone before we confirm the repair price, So don’t hesitate give us a chance to bring your iphone a new life.So, before you waste your hard earned money, let us check your iPhone for repair, Check up of phone is totally free and we get it done in no time. Cellfixx will take care of all your Phone concerns in no time.

We have some of the best resourced and skilled worker with us, thus we are proud to be among the best Phone repair centers working in Vancouver, Canada. We at Cellfixx cater all possible repairing needs and we have the right resources to offer you the best results. Cellfixx only uses quality iPhone parts for repair and charge you only if your iPhone is repaired!

iPhone Repair