Risks of a broken smart phone screen

Broken Smart Phone Screen? Know the Risks

It can be tempting to ignore a broken smart phone screen and keep using it as usual just because the damage appears minor at first or perhaps you don’t want to drop extra cash to fix it. But the thing is, there are a number of risks that you take when you insist on using a broken smartphone screen.

A broken phone screen indicates that the phone is no longer structurally sound, no matter how small the crack on the screen may be. The crack affects the functionality and productivity of the phone thereby rendering the phone fairly useless.

This article will enlighten you on the risks that are associated with the use of a broken smart phone screen. So read on.

Risks of Using a Broken Smart Phone Screen:

1) Touch Screen Malfunction

Smart Phones with a broken screen do not get better; rather it gets worse. Initially, your touch screen may continue to work as normal but its response to finger gestures will gradually stop until it is permanently ceased. And when it does, you need the services of a professional cell phone technician.

2) Exposure to Elements

A phone screen is designed in such a way that it protects the internal features of the phone from elements such as dust, moisture, dirt, and other foreign materials. However, when the phone screen is damaged these foreign materials find their way into the phone through the fractures on the screen.

3) Eye Strain

When the screen of a smart phone is broken, the thread-like fractures make it difficult to have that great viewing experience when watching videos or reading a social media post as you tend to strain your eyes. And when this happens you start having itchy eyes, watery eyes and sometimes a headache.

4) Exposure to Harmful Radio-frequency Radiation

The National Cancer Institute has stated that cell phones can release radio-frequency by default through the non-ionizing radiation from the antenna of the smartphone. So when using a broken screen smartphone, you absorb more of this harmful energy from the internal system of the phone through the cracks.

5) Cuts On Your Fingers

You put your fingers at risk from cuts with broken phone screens, especially when you try to swipe through it the way you used to when browsing on social media, watching a movie, and shopping on your phone.

6) Complicates Navigation

Smart phones are equipped with Maps and GPS that will help you to navigate through roads and neighbourhood that are unfamiliar to you but with a broken screen it is impossible to read your road map and direction, struggling to figure out what is on the screen and thereby losing focus on the road putting your life at risk of an accident.


Using a broken screen smart phone is not only displeasing but also, it can affect your general health and your productivity. You should be careful when using these gadgets, handle them properly so as to minimize risks. Contact us today to help you get it fixed.