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Repair all types of smart phones at one place

We are your best option here at cellfixx cell phone repair Vancouver

We alter all cell phone repairs. we repair samsung, iphone, htc, blackberry, htc, motorola, lg, nokia and the sky is the limit from there

Regardless of what phone issue you have we can alter it . Water harm, screen substitution, phone opening and blazing and the sky is the limit from there.. Here are the five most regular PDA harms (and we are the specialists at altering):

1. Screen substitution

Is your wireless' screen scratched, split, or broke? We can supplant it.

2. Charging port substitution

Is it true that you are having issues charging your cellphone? It may require another charging port. We can introduce it.

charging port repair vancouver

3. Non-living up to expectations catches

Are the catches not living up to expectations or staying on your mobile phone? It may should be cleaned professionally, and/or parts may need supplanting, for example, the elastic keypad. We can do both.

4. Water harm

Has water entered your mobile phone?

Water can erode inward segments after some time on the off chance that you don't have it evacuated legitimately at the earliest opportunity. Home cures like covering a wet mobile phone in rice can just evacuate surface dampness. With our expert cleaning administration, we can evacuate inside dampness securely and rapidly.

5. bad speakers

Are the speakers not meeting expectations legitimately on your mobile phone? It's conceivable that the contacts on the speakers are free or eroded. We can repair and supplant them, and analyze and alter other phone speaker issues. So visit us at for the best services

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