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Mobile Repair Shops options for cell phone repairing Vancouver

Samsung Galaxy leads the pack

When it comes to global Android based smartphone industry. The South Korean tech giant is comfortably placed at the top of the table for most number of units ship annually across the world.

Though the company has been hit hard by recent exploding batteries, tilting the balance in favor of iPhone and other Android based smartphone manufacturers. Though, Samsung seems to be poised to level out the playing field and settle the dust by coming even stronger with its latest Samsung Galaxy S8 (and interestingly the smart phone users across the world is waiting to receive it anxiously).

The true reason behind phenomenal success and users’ trust behind Samsung is mainly attributed to its high-end specifications, cutting edge technology and not to forget its durability and reliability.

Samsung cell phones are known for their resilience against shocks and drops and other shocks.

In fact, if you are a lucky person your Samsung cell phone will be able to withstand a high fall also. Well, unfortunately not everyone is this lucky and no matter how sensitively and carefully we use our cell phones, we can’t protect them at all times. You will need Samsung cell phone repair service sooner or later in time and it is wise to be prepared for it beforehand.

What we mean by being prepared?

Well, cell phone are complicated and sensitive gadgets with hundreds of thousands of delicate electronic components. All these components come together in the most complex manner to give you what we call a high-end powerful cell phone.

Now with so many delicate and sensitive component, you need to know exactly where to go when one or multiple components malfunction without any warning shots.
Now you need to have in sight a reliable and persistent cell phone repair shop that can offer you instant and affordable repairing.

Broadly speaking you can opt one from below mentioned cell phone repair modes that we have described to give you a fair idea about your options for cell phone repairs.



First comes the all too famous DIY Samsung cell Phone repairs. There are literally hundreds of thousands of online tutorials and videos readily available to help you out in your DIY Samsung cell phone repairs. The videos and tutorials are made in such a way that it seem too easy to handle this task without any precaution.

Though, this one is one of the cheapest approach for any Samsung cell phone repair job, but not the recommended one. Especially if you feel like you aren’t much of tech savvy, you should refrain it.This is simply because without proper knowledge and training, there’s a good chance of aggravating the damage while trying to repair it with DIY techniques.

Authorized Cell Phone repair centers

Second comes the official or authorized company repair shops. Most people prefer them for Samsung cell phone repairs as they feel safe to get their cell phones repair by a company authorized shop. Though there is certain degree of satisfaction here, the fact is these getting cell phone repairs from authorized company repair shops can be too cumbersome, time consuming and costly. These cell phone repair shops charge overly and you have to make prior appointments and involve weeks of waiting before getting your cell phone back.


Third part cell phone repair shops:

This is one of the most preferred, simple safe and fast approach for Samsung Galaxy cell phone repairing. There are thousands of third party cell phone repair shops operating across the country and you can easily contact them for a fast and realiable repair.

Since there is a stiff competition among such cell phone repair shops, you can expect lower prices for services and most of all they are ready to deliver your cell phone back in a day. There’re no bookings to be made or online forms to be filled here. You can simply visit one of these shops and get your Samsung Galaxy repaired right away.

Cellfixx is one of the largest and trusted cell phone repair shop in Vancouver, Canada.

It have been offering fast, reliable and affordable cell phone repair services for all major brands. You can simply visit the shop any time and get your cell phone fixed by a highly expert and experienced technician with 180 days of warranty.


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