battery draining

Battery Draining – How to maximize your smartphone battery timings?

Talking about cell phone repair jobs, battery replacement is one of the most frequently performed cell phone repair after glass screen repair and replacement. Batteries of even flagship devices tends to wear down after some time – leaving you with no other option but to periodically recharge your cell phone many times a day.

Today, cell phone manufacturers are in the rush to offer more and more capable batteries with large capacities that can outlast whole day. However, the problem isn’t with the capacity (a nominal 2200 mAh battery can withstand whole day, provided it operated to its full potential). The problem is wearing down of cell phone batteries with time. There are people who would instantly visit a cell phone repair shop to get their iPhone battery replaced for a new one. This is surely one great way to resurrect your battery life, however, even the new battery will start wear down in few months.

Ok, I got this but where’s the solution?

Unfortunately there isn’t any permanent solution to this problem and no matter how consciously you handle your charging it will always remain vulnerable to draining. Nonetheless, there are ways that can help you maximize your battery life (these are just precautionary steps). Let’s how you can maximize our battery life for better:

Firstly, you need to understand that cell phone batteries will always wear down with time and there is no way you can stop that. Now that you have accepted the reality, you need to take measure to ensure your battery last as longer as possible. For this you need to uninstall all accessory applications that you haven’t used for months. Number of applications have direct influence on battery timing and if you look at the number of application in your cell phone you will see many apps that you wither haven’t used entirely or just used once or twice. In fact, a research has established that uninstalling Facebook app from your cell phone can enhance your battery life for as much as 20% (that’s a large impact). So, first of all you should start operation cleanup against unnecessary apps for a long lasting battery.

Now you must be wondering why on earth does apps have so much impact on battery draining.

To answer this let’s go to our grandma and see if she had faced similar problem. Interestingly our grandmas never had a complaint for battery draining.

Do you wonder why?

Well, our grandma doesn’t need any applications on her smartphone and is contented to use it just for texting or calling purpose. You see; without any apps, grandma’s cell phone can outlast entire day and even more. This is clear indication that number of apps have a direct effect on battery consumption.

Let’s get into some details:

Frankly, all the apps that we installed in our cell phone are after signals (this include WIFI as well as carrier signals). These apps needs these signals to track our location and to serve us with latest updates around us. Most of the apps run silently in the background (without even being noticed) and continue to drain our batteries without our consent.  So, more the number of applications, large will be their impact on battery consumption.

So, next time around when you find your cell phone battery draining too quickly, you can checkout number of apps in your cell phone before going for a iPhone battery repair shop.