tips to improve iPhone battery life

6 Tips to Increase Your iPhone Battery Life

iPhone, with its magnificent features and productivity, is a favorite smartphone for many users. However, its limited battery life is an issue that every iPhone user will have to face regardless of the iPhone generation.

If you are an iPhone user you would agree that a drained iPhone battery can lead to disappointment. It could be a rude shock of exiting an important live chat or video call, leaving you stranded in an emergency situation.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This article contains six tips that will help you to increase and save your iPhone battery, keeping it running all day long and at the same time preserving most of its operational capabilities. Here are the tips:

1. Enable the Low Power Mode

One of the most effective tools against iPhone battery drain is to enable low power mode. This is because it reduces overall power requirements and allows your battery to last longer. This feature disables and reduces background activities like automatic downloads and system animations.

When your phone falls below 20%, your iPhone will automatically offer you to turn on the Low Power Mode with a tap, but you can also activate it manually by going to Settings > Battery > Low Power, and this only works when your phone battery percentage is below 80%.

2. Deactivate Location Services For Apps

Your iPhone battery drains quickly based on the number of apps using the location services on your phone. To deactivate apps from using Location Services, Go to your Settings, scroll until you see the privacy tab, open it and tap Location services to turn it off or deactivate any app that you don’t need. The more you deactivate apps, the less power they will drain when in use.

3. Turn Down the Volume

You might be wondering how the volume settings of your phone affect your battery life, but take for instance, if you are playing music or any other audio from your iPhone internal speakers it drains your battery more than when you are using a headphone or not playing music at all. So you turn it down by using the volume buttons and make sure the Equalizer is turned off too as it drains power too.

4. Disable Wi-Fi

If you are out and about in public places, turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi service, this will stop your phone from searching for Wi-Fi signals it could join too, especially in areas that the Wi-Fi Signal is poor because your phone will need more power to receive and transmit data in such places. You can disable Wi-Fi from the Control Centre by tapping on the Wi-Fi Icon.

5. Reduce the Screen Brightness

There is no reason for your screen to be bright when you are not using your phone outside on a sunny day, so you should reduce your screen brightness to the minimum where you can still see through to whatever you are doing on your phone because the backlight for your screen consumes a lot of energy. Luckily you can do that by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the Control Centre and then pressing the brightness icon to move the slider down to lower the brightness.

6. Check and Close High-Drain Apps

You can check the apps that drain your battery the most by tapping on the battery tab under settings; there the percentage drain of each app is revealed, identify the apps that drain your battery the most, and close them rather than leaving them open.

Above all this, if you still need more battery life after these tips, then you should consider getting a portable external battery pack with one built-in, to carry with you anywhere you go to, so as to help you keep your iPhone running all day long.

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